Building your dream


The New Era Process makes building your dream home easy. We want to make sure the finished product is exactly what you had in mind. We handle everything including plumbing, electrical, structural, and design. Don’t wait any longer. Start your project today.


Brainstorm your idea

You have a renovation project in mind? That’s Great! We will use all the resources available to us to help bring this idea to life. Using 3D imagery, interior and exterior design specialist, we can start to understand the project scope. 

Design your dream renovation

After we have an understanding of the renovation project, we will put together an approximate budget, construction timeline, possible costs that may arise specific to the renovation (i.e. architectural/structural, plumbing, electrical, requirements, etc). Budget pricing will be provided based on the level of specifications desired by the client, approx. size, and major features desired and elements wanted. The purpose of this stage is so that New Era has a clear understanding of what the client is expecting, what is most important to our client, and if there are any limitations in the project that may need to be addressed. This also gives us a chance to establish expectations between New Era and our clients. We want to do the best job possible, and establishing realistic timeline, budget, and project details are crucial to the success of the renovation and relationship.



Develop your plan

Once we have resolved our specification details, and the client is comfortable with the budget, timeline and process, the next step would be to enter into the build process. We will work towards the designed plan, and maintain open communication with our client to ensure the project is completed as expected. Timeline is based on a project basis. Our team and network of professionals allows us to reduce clients overall costs, and provide the highest quality finished product and service.

Enjoy your new space

After the project has been completed, we will walk through the newly renovated space with our client to make sure the quality matches their expectation. New Era depends on the lasting relationships of their clients, and word of mouth to grow their business. The New Era network includes interior and exterior designers that can help you make the most of your renovated space. Finally, when clients are fully satisfied with their service, New Era will turn over the keys, and let the client enjoy their new space. We will stay in communication with clients providing a 6-month warranty on all renovations, ensuring the product is to their standard.




Full service renovations

Whether you are looking to renovate a bathroom, the kitchen, your basement, or whole house, we can help.


Re-wire your house to maximize the utility of the space.


Looking to change the plumbing? We can help with that.


Grow your space by adding a room. We can help with the structural engineering, as well as the design.

Smart home technology

Control your home from your cell phone by using the varieties of tools used to make your life easier. Whether it be security, music, lighting, temperature, and much more.

Energy saving

Our team has experience using energy saving technology and tools to reduce the cost of your power bills, and add the the resale value of the home.

3d drafting

Don’t guess what your home will look like after the renovation. We can bring it to life by using 3D drafting that will give you a better idea of what your new space will look like.

interior design

We have an experienced interior designer on staff to help with the design of your place. Contact us for the portfolio.

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We understand that it is your home, your future, your design. Work with the team that can bring it all to life.

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