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You guys offer interior design consultation? how does that work?

We know that not everyone can envision their dream home. We have an interior designer that will give a free consultation on how to bring your space to life. Combined with a 3-dimensional graphic designer, this service will ensure that what you are committing to, is exactly what you want!

I want to renovate, but don't want my house to be a mess for too long. How long can i expect until i can have access to my room?

We can work with your schedule! Our team has plenty of experience on budgeting both time and money. Our thorough inspection and estimation process ensures that we will be able to work efficiently, without sacrificing quality. 

How does your price compare to your competitors?

The quality of our work and our services will be above and beyond that of our competitors. The New Era team has raised the bar of home renovations and streamlined the process so that our clients don’t absorb unnecessary costs. Just check out or Midland Crescent Renovation.


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